dreaming underwater


i've been having such funny dreams lately. i always have really intense dreams, they very rarely have any baring on reality, and they can leave me feeling sometimes very disoriented and unconnected to the world when i wake up. sometimes i don't see how some of my dreams can come from my own head, they seem so foreign to me and make me feel quite small. they're not often bad, just very peculiar and often quite dark - not morbid though.

lately my dreams have taken on a bit of an "under the sea" theme. a few nights ago i dreamed that i was spending time with dolphins and wales, underwater, in the depths of winter, just swimming around without the need to come up for air and with a general sense of awe and a little bit of fear. and then last night i dreamed about an absolutely massive manta ray - way bigger than could ever exist in reality. it was friendlier than the dolphins and the wales, but it was still to be treated with respect. we had a few adventures, the manta ray and i, before i woke up. it was actually quite a comforting dream, it made me feel safe.

the image above is the closest i could find on pinterest that would convey the colour and emotion of my dreams lately. very moody and intense.

does anyone else have such peculiar dreams?