choosing to say nothing

i've been thinking a lot these past few days of my trip to kenya, mostly because work will likely see me back over in that part of the world before the end of next month.

the holiday half of my last visit there was so... i can't even find words to describe. i suppose it's the way you feel when you've been waiting your whole life for something, and it finally happens, and it's better than you expected. it's the peace that comes with being able to say to yourself "i'm finally here, and i've never been happier."

this week has felt like suddenly finding yourself on a rollercoaster without even knowing you were queuing up for the ride. it's nice when life moves quickly, but it's also nice to have a choice about when you want to slow it down a bit. today i am exercising my right to get off the rollercoaster - i have found myself letting things go, no matter how ridiculous and annoying they may be. and i'm pretty pleased with myself for being able to do that, you see i even managed to prevent myself from bolding the words ridiculous and annoying...

i'm learning to be more quiet and collected, and i'm going to attribute that to my "kenya feeling".