a brief look over my shoulder

i came across these old photos the other day and i'm a little bit confused about how i got them. our family photos are all over the place: some at my dad's house in canada, some at my gran's house in sussex, some at my aunt's house in jersey, maybe some in bermuda, but most of them are in a storage unite in atlanta, it's a long story, we don't even have any relatives there.

it is nice to look back and spend some time thinking about where i came from, and just from these photos i feel i can get an idea of what traits i have from my parents.

my dad in his early 20s in a canoe in malaysia - i definitely inherited my wanderlust from him. he's lived everywhere, even places i never new about. when i went to kenya he mentioned "oh, yea, i used to live there - in karen, let me know if you pass through there when you're in nairobi..." uuuuuuuh, what? you used to live in africa? 
also, he was born in calcutta, is british, but now lives in canada - and i don't even know how many countries he's lived in in between... but i do know that he also lived in iran...

because that's where he met my mum. she has also travelled widely and lived in more countries that i can count she's still doing it today. i love this picture of her because she looks so cool, she's in aviators and a playsuit, how awesome is that? i definitely inherited her style, but i clearly did not inherit her skin - she can rock a beautiful tan where i've never had one in my life. she also grew up in india possibly that's where she learned how to tan... my parents got engaged in iran and that's probably where i would have been born how cool would that have been?? if the shah hadn't fallen in 1979. my mum was sick at the time and needed medication, she couldn't fly while all other expats were fleeing the country and she needed medicine, so my dad used to have to brave the riots to go pelting down the street to the pharmacy - they finally ended up catching the last ever flight out of the country before it was completely shut down. can you get any more dramatic/romantic? 
my aunt likes to tell the story about how she was 8 months pregnant at that time and used to sit by the phone for hours during the day trying to get anything but cut off while trying to call my dad to see if he was ok. it took her about a week and when finally he answered she said frantically "how are you?!?!? are you ok?!?!" and my dad replied cheerfully "we're fine thanks, how are you?" really, dad? REALLY?!?!

but somehow they eventually landed in bermuda. well, its no mystery why the went there, that's where my grandparents live. they are british as well by the way. essentially, with an ever so brief deviation via denmark possibly? my entire heritage is british. anway, bermuda is where they stayed, long enough to get married and have my brother and i... cute, aren't we?

i love my family's history. as far as i'm concerned, it makes up a big part of who i am and i almost feel obliged to keep the adventures going - it's in my blood.