swallows and amazons

this movie reminds me so much of my childhood. i feel like this is the life that my gran lived, and my father and aunts and uncles. the way they speak, their manners, the way they act all grown up and responsible while playing pretend. i just love it!

is it just me or do kids not act like this anymore? not that i have loads of experience with kids, but it makes me happy to see little ones with such active imaginations. 

i love the children's clothes too, those massive balloon shorts on the boys and the collard shirts with pullovers that they wore. and how the little girls wore dresses with little shorts underneath so that they could run around and keep up with the boys.

and those little red pompom hats!!?

i really think i was born in the wrong time. i want to be an amazon...

amazons forever!!!!

i took a few stills of the film on my ipad the other night, the top two are my favourite.