the staves at the tabernacle, notting hill


see if you can spot adam

last night adam and i went to the tabernacle in notting hill to see the staves play again. i've mentioned the staves before, they really are amazing. while their ep's are really good, they simply do not do them justice - seeing them live is a breathtaking experience. i think it has something to do with their harmonies.

everyone walked in really excited to see them an wound up from the working day, and left feeling really soothed and relaxed. their music has that effect. i've put up a few of their songs on the right of my homepage under the heading "stuck in my head", you can have a listen there... i recommend getting a cup of tea and putting on a warm jumper first, the calming effect works better if you get comfortable first :)

there was a massive group of us that went to the gig, and the weather was so glorious that we could sit outside and have a pre-gig drink. i really wanted to stop and take some photos of notting hill in the evening light while all the blossoms were out, but when you're with so many people it just doesn't seem appropriate. i did manage to take a few of the venue though and one or two of the gig itself. 

i also recorded this little video to give you an idea of what its like to watch them live.