nando's and ben kweller

yesterday was my last day in the office before i leave for kenya on sunday, so i was so excited that i felt a mini celebration was in order. so i called adam, politely requested that he leave work sharpish and come meet me at nandos! where else? my obsession is still going strong. we were joined by our flatmates and between us ate at least two and a half chickens (sounds gross when you think of it like that)

also by way of a celebration i bought this new iphone app that i first learned about on the londoner blog. its called cinemagram and its a lot of fun. its sort of like an instagram set up but it makes gif.'s, it's got all the neat filters that insagram has though, which i like. the only down side is that it drains your battery pretty quick.

after that we went over to the water rats at kings cross to listen to ben kweller play a gig. adam and my flatmates really like him, and i think he's pretty good, but i don't think that gig will go down in my personal music history as one of the absolutely fantastic ones, i don't know, maybe i just wasn't feeling it because i was too preoccupied with upcoming kenya trip excitement. but as pretty much all of the music i blog about is adam's recommendations to me, and he really likes this guy, i feel i should share his stuff - who knows, you may really love it!

cinemagram little boy in nando's

adam busting out some if his best moves - or he's just got a twitch...

ben kweller at the water rats

Falling by Ben Kweller on Grooveshark