kenya part three - safari time!

safari time!

i think the two days that eve (left) sara jane (right) and i spent in tsavo east national park were two of the best days of my life. we saw every animal we hoped to see, except for a leopard or a cheetah, but spending two days standing out of the roof of a land rover, just the three of us, driving all over looking for animals was pretty much my idea of heaven.

did you know that tsavo east covers more ground than the entire state of israel? fact.

we were close enough to these lions to see their ticks! and the great thing about going on safari in the "rainy" season (i don't see any clouds, do you?) is that instead of about 12 other vehicles lining up to see one animal, there are none. 

the dust makes everything look rusty.

when we got to our tented camp, sara jane decided that eve and i would be good subjects for an impromptu photo shoot. dusty and dirty doesn't make for good models, but it was fun anyway...

eve is about ten times more photogenic than me - i'm a bit jealous.

fyi, sara jane's figure is the result of winning the genetic lottery and working as a yoga instructor and practicing for hours every day.

eve and i discovered early on in our trip that taking photographs through the lens of your sunglasses makes for a pretty cool picture.

these guys were everywhere, they really had no fear, just wandering past our front porch like they owned the place - which of course they did.

oh hello there...

still to come, some pictures from diani beach and shimoni.