hello from nairobi! kenya part one

today was the first day our our visit to kenya, me and eve, a friend from work, are over here to visit our organisation's partners in kenya for four days. we flew in a day early to have a look around the city as neither of us have ever been before, and we had heard of a few must-see places.

one being the

david sheldrick wildlife trust

. this animal welfare organisation takes in orphaned baby elephants from all around kenya and rehabilitates them until they can be released back into the national parks.

some of the elephants are so little that they need blankets to keep warm in the 25degree heat. 

this one above was the littlest - he just loved playing with the water, and whenever his carer came over to move him away, because he's too young to play sensibly, he started trumpeting and having a tantrum. poor little guy...

this was one of the older ones. they drink two liters of milk each, about six times a day. pretty sure adam could finish off as much if he put his mind to it...

i may have fallen in love a little...

and then we went off to the the

giraffe center

! same deal with the elephant orphanage really, except these guys won't get released because they are the endangered rothschild giraffe and need to be protected.

eve got up close and personal with this little baby giraffe - it was so gentle and cautious while taking the food from your hand (or mouth, as it were...), the others just wrapped their massive blue tongues around your wrist and chowed down on whatever you were holding. clearly its a technique they develop over time. 

 this was the first time i have ever had such a close encounter with such a massive mammal. i'm standing up on the second story of this building here! and his head is about as big as my whole body. i have been in awe ever since, i am so lucky.

this guy had me in fits of laughter with his crazy long tongue, man can they slobber.

eve and i also went to a market today where we both got scammed mercilessly and spent way more money than we should on things that we could probably buy in the UK for half the price. nairobi is not cheap, no sir, not at all. though having said that, we went for ethiopian food (a first time for both of us) for dinner, and that was VERY cheap. and also probably one of the best meals i have ever had.

i think i may just have had the best day of my life!

off to bed now, its work in the morning and i suspect the animals we will encounter over the next few days will not be nearly so well cared for. it may break my heart a little i fear...