everyone loves a pretty hair day

like every woman, i have a love/hate relationship with my hair. it's frizzy when it needs to be smooth, it require washing and "do-ing" every other day, it gets knots in it ALL THE TIME, caught under my handbag strap and pulled out ALL THE TIME and generally any interaction i have with it involving a hairbrush, nine times out of ten, nearly ends in tears.

this is why, every so often, i have a lazy day. and the up-side of the lazy day is that it appears to be the opposite of a lazy day.

a little dry-shampoo (special Stuff for brunets so there's no white powder halo action going on), one or two strategically placed braids, the occasional headband, a little hair spray, and away you go to work without anyone noticing that you really should have washed your hair that morning.

the down-side of lazy days is that it takes pretty much forever to wash all of the product out of your hair... but the point is that it looks pretty! i love rocking the fishtail braid because it's so pretty and looks a lot harder to do than it really is - i find its way easier to do than the french braid.

please substitute all my mentions of the word braid with plait if you prefer, depending on your country - with my mashed-up accent saying the word plait makes me sound ridiculous.