where we used to live

living in london is not cheap. no sir. adam and i moved in together two years ago last February and i can tell you it was a bit of an experience. not the living with your boyfriend (or any boyfriend for that matter) for the first time part, but the WHERE we lived part. 

i moved in with adam in his house, the pictures are below. the rent was amazingly cheap, just under £200 a month where i had previously been paying over £600. how was this new place so cheap you ask? it was a camelot house. this company takes old buildings and fills them with property guardians to prevent general ware and tare on the building as well as squatters getting in - because as we all know, in england its pretty hard to get them out again - they're like termites! 

and most properties up for occupation are not necessarily all old homes, mostly they are old government owned buildings or businesses - this grand old victorian mansion used to be, wait for it... a mental care home.

was it scary living in a place that had ominous writings on the wall, and questionable stains on the carpet, not to mention tiny little doors leading to nowhere? was it a little upsetting having to share a bathroom with 12 other pretty normal actually, given the circs people? absolutely to both those things. was the worst part about it having to commute from tooting bec to farringdon on the northern line every day? YES crowded, sweaty, long commute time, never an available seat, always crammed in like a sardine. 

but i loved it in its own special kind of gross way. it was our first place together and it will be a fantastic story to tell when we're older. we had to move out after one month because the house sold, and we ended up in another camelot property which i'll share with you another time. but we were both really sad to leave our crazy house. 

we had the attic room, where the row of small windows is at the top

adam watching tv used to really annoy me when i was 
trying to read and eat sweets in bed, apparently. because we just had one big room
which we divided up by two massive wardrobes, there was pretty
much nowhere to hide.
so we came up with a creative solution

the wall designs were not done by us, there was a couple living in the
room before we came along who were pretty creative.

i love how we keep ending up in rooms with skylights. this room had two 
massive ones.