wellies, umbrellas and little donkey

yesterday i woke up to this. again. it has been raining pretty much non-stop for about a week and a half. and the irony is that it happened just after the government placed a hosepipe ban on the country - apparently we're in drought. i believe that's what we would call "sod's law".

but frankly my friends, i couldn't care less about the rain, because i have....

these!! my hunter wellies. adam got them for me for christmas and the funny part is that they are children's size 4s. they had run out of adult's size 4s so i ended up with these and the best part is that they have reflectors on the back, so everyone KNOWS they are children's size. but that's ok, i don't mind, they do their job and keep me dry and warm, that's all i could ask for.

and same with my umbrella. confession: i have never purchased an umbrella in london. i always seem to find my umbrellas in restaurants, on the tube, in coffee shops... i pick up these unwanted umbrellas, use them for a while, and then lose them or forget them again in the same kinds of places i found them. this one i picked up a few weeks ago here.

the sad fact about all this rain is it is destroying all the spring flowers. casualties lie strewn across the pavement everywhere.

also it means that the trains go all funny with their times and people end up crammed in, soaked, miserable, and either really enjoying or not at all enjoying how close you have to stand to a stranger - i always hope i get the stranger who is not at all happy to be standing next to me. first rule of a crowded train, don't make eye contact with the person who is practically leaning up against your bum.

and then! i step out for two seconds at lunch, five steps out of my office door, only to be surprised by "attack rain". it came pelting out of nowhere and i was forced to duck into a pret and get my lunch there, and really i'm not a fan of how they like to put under-ripe avocado in EVERYTHING. still, i am grateful to them for sheltering me from the rain.

and then finally, we had a bit of an office celebration because it is the end of the financial year and we get to hear how well we did in meeting our fundraising target. naturally we smashed it because we are just that good (i say we, i don't actually work in the fundraising department, but there you go...). and i bought this little guy along for the celebration because he certainly helped us to get there, in his own little way.

happy wednesday everyone! it's just started raining again and i suppose i better get out of bed and accept the fact that i left my umbrella at the office yesterday...