this weekend i ...

re-did a bit of my blog layout. i want it to look really simple until i can get started on designing it properly. every time i try to do something a little creative using the blogger template it starts to look a bit trashy - so i've given up.

on saturday i got up late and as i was meeting my friend adi for lunch i just threw on a pair of leggings and shoved my hair up into a headband that i bought ages ago but have never actually worn. it's really pretty though and doesn't hurt your head much, like other headbands. also it has feathers in it, which made me feel very pretend hipster chic.

adi and i had lunch at the banana tree at angel which was just so good.
i had a mild chicken curry which i couldn't finish, and so naturally i had to order banana fritters for desert -
but adi and i split it so it wasn't the absolute height of gluttony,
if it did come close
note how i dove straight in with a spoon before i remembered to take a picture.

then adi and i did a little "window" shopping before stopping 
for some chai latte and hot chocolate along with a draw something
tournament. adi had never heard about it before and needless to say she's addicted now
which does not bode well for her efforts in trying to complete her MA

then we strolled through camden passage which is a lovely little
hidden away spot in angel that sells antiques and vintage stuff. there are also
a few boutiquey shops that sell things like these lovely handmade prints.
how good would they look on my wall?
pretty good.

lots of pretty useless pretty things

a lovely old victorian dress which i couldn't resist taking
a photo of but it sort of creeps me out...

a brooch that i was sorely tempted by. it was only £12 - who says
you can't find cheap vintage gems in london, you just have to know where to look.
i was good though - you'll see why in a minute...

papaya breakfast in bed on sunday 

this is why that brooch didn't come home with me. because this dress did.
notice how i got board of changing the sheets and decided 
an impromptu fashion show was a better use of my time.
poor adam had to finish it off when he got home.

and finally, while i was standing at my window drinking a cup of tea this morning,
this little guy decided to pop in for a chat. his wings were so powerful that 
as he was flying around trying to get in, he was blowing away all
the dust that had settled outside the window over winter in great clouds.

sadly adam spent pretty much the whole weekend at the office.
but we did have a lovely saturday nigh in where we ordered a pepperoni
pizza and watched take me out - one of my all time favourite shows - it is my guilty pleasure.
oh and we went to see the hunger games. it was good, but a bit traumatising i have to say.

how was your weekend?