there's no evening like a sushi making evening.

saturday was a really lovely day. adam had to work all weekend (again) so we took some time to have breakfast together early in the morning in soho before he went into the office. we then spent a little time at his office playing with the rolling chairs - him pulling me around by my legs while i held on to the chair for dear life.

after that i just sort of roamed the streets. i headed in the direction of regents park (with a short deviation into topshop - i got distracted by the sale signs) and took some photos of the birds, and then i ended up paying a visit to some friends on their canal boat, which i'll probably do a post about another time because it was a lot of fun.

after that i wandered the streets and some random markets with my friends kim and ashleigh. we found passion fruit, 7 for £1 which was pretty great. some scary children's toys. and some aubergines which were bigger than my head.

kim headed off to drinks with friends after we hatched a plan to go away together for the upcoming may bank holiday weekend, ash headed off to wimbledon to get her hair done, and i headed home for an evening of sushi making fun! below are some pictures - i live with some pretty serious foodies and will probably gain about 100lbs before i move out as a result. i do love sushi though.

cooking the sushi rice.

 making spring rolls takes team work.

 tom has proclaimed that he wishes to be buried with his new deep-fat fryer.

my rolls turned out quite good i think... 

adam refusing all advice on how to roll sushi the right way.

not too shabby actually. 

 this was my contribution to the evening. passionfruit, elderflower, pink-lemonade vodka-tini. oh yes. It was amazing.