shopping for pho, my one true love

on wednesday my flatmate came out with these magic words: "i'm making pho tomorrow night, do you guys want some?"

if this blog were years old, you would all know by now how much i love pho. i mean, really love it. i'll have more entries about it in the future i have no doubt, so i won't get into it at the moment.

clara and i went on a bit of a shopping trip to leicester square to get some ingredients. i love china town in london, that place really is never what you expect. no shop is as small as it looks and sketchy doorways with misleading staircases are everywhere. 

but because she knows her way around, we managed to come away with some quite tasty ingredients, and having had her pho before, clara knows what she's doing it the kitchen.

and when you know what you're looking for and where to find it, you can get in and out unscathed with just a bbq pork bun and without being roped into overpriced dim-sum. 

kaffir lime leaves?! yes please!

Clara's homemade pho.

this is me a few years ago enjoying pho at my favourite ever vietnamese
restaurant in toronto, pho hung
the picture was taken just after i had been trying to create
walrus tusks with my chopsticks, as you do. i am a great advocate of playing with my food.