rain rain go away - now please!

it's been raining for the past two days pretty much non stop. i just looked at the weather forecast and it's set to keep raining pretty much non stop for the next five days.

i may have mentioned it once or twice before, but i'm a warm weather kind of girl. i love the occasional rainy, chilly day, but only if i don't have to get up and travel into work only to arrive wind-blown, soaking and grumpy.

so i'm taking stock and getting ready to have some serious home-time. i've been making stews, right now i have a chicken roasting in the oven to make a comforting soup, lots of warm blankets, books to read and trips to plan. i'm all set. apart from the obligatory trudge into the city for work, i'm not moving from my bed except to make cups of tea.

and for this reason i am really glad i made this purchase recently: have you heard of rachel khoo? she's a london girl living in paris and cooking up all kinds of good looking stuff. i've been glued to her bbc cooking show on monday nights and after about the third or fourth episode i ordered her book.

many hours are going to be spent wrapped up in a blanket and planning some cooking adventures. and that's where you'll find me, at least until this rather unpleasant weather blows over.

above are a few recipes i am thinking of trying out. i'm really looking forward to giving them a go. i figure if she can cook them in her kitchen the size of a shoe box then i can do the same in my kitchen, which is also the size of a shoe box.