panda cam saves the day

yesterday was such a stressful day at work. NGOs are always coming under fire for one thing or another, development and welfare is a very subjective and heatedly debated topic, and rightly so. however, its always my biggest fear that people are going to bring that conversation onto facebook, because then it snowballs, and it's me who has to deal with it.

while sitting at my desk stressing, this popped up on my tweetdeck alert: i saw the words panda cam and immediately clicked on the link, i just couldn't help it! the rest of my day, whenever i felt stressed, i sat and watched a baby panda up a tree for a few moments. i highly recommend this technique for alleviating stress in the work place, baby pandas have often been noted for their medicinal and sopporiphic qualities ;)

here's the link to panda heaven.