our long weekend

this easter weekend was pretty busy. not the most relaxing, but sometimes it's nice to have a lot to do - better then having nothing, right?

my mum came to visit and we went all over london. she got a massage while i sat in a coffee shop and studied for a bit. we had lunch. we went to the museum. had stopped to warm up with the occasional starbucks, and pretty much just spent the whole weekend talking - like we normally do. 

adam came along sometimes, and other times he peeled off to do his own thing. it was pretty relaxed really. we got to watch two of my favourite films, midnight in paris and away we go, and we ate lots of yummy food.

friday was the only day that the sun was shining, so what better way to take advantage of it than by climbing out of your landing window and sitting on your roof, right?

we went to see the haj exhibit at the british museum. it was pretty amazing. i think religious traditions and rights of passage such as pilgrimage are so beautiful. to have so much faith and to express it in such a dedicated way must be pretty fantastic, don't you think?

my mum brought down some lamb to roast for easter from near where she lives in lancashire, it's from one of beatrix potter's farms up in the lake district. and it was pretty damn tasty... but...

i have a lot of guilt when it comes to eating meat for so many reasons. i really feel like i should go vegetarian, but i'm just too greedy. and my stomach has far too big a say over what i do and what goes in my mouth than my brain or my heart. i feel like it's something that will happen one day, just not yet. until then, every tasty mouthful will be seasoned with a tiny bit of bitter guilt. or, you know, i may just get over it eventually. life's too short and all that.

she also brought down some smoked garlic to put in the lamb. YUM. there's not much else to be said on that.

and after she left, adam and i sat on the sofa and talked for ages about all sorts of things - i noticed that sometimes the reflection from the window was almost covering up his entire pupil.

now i've got a stew in the oven and laundry to do and fun weekly plans to make.

my soundtrack for the past day or so has been the soundtrack to away we go. it's pretty fab, you should check it out.

hope you had a really great weekend too.