One of you has to go...

a naturally contradictory nature really is a pain sometimes. i think mine evolved from always wanting to understand, to stand in someone else's shoes, to be sympathetic and to see things from another point of view- i mean not just appear to do it, do it with conviction!

while it is good to be sympathetic, it is also good to maybe have some limits to your perspective - that way things can become less muddled, you can maybe hold your own amongst the tumult of other people's thoughts.

well for me its a little late for that. my mind sometimes feels like a kaleidoscope, i'm understanding or trying to and feeling things from all kinds of points of view without really settling on one.

and sometimes this comes out in a few contradictory tendancies. for example, if i ever feel betrayed by someone i can't seem to ever get passed it, and yet i will never betray them by leaving them behind.

confession: i am at the same time very unforgiving and incredibly loyal.

i think these contradictions are part of human nature, i think we all have them ingrained in our personalities somewhere. very few people can navigate their life's decisions with complete and utter certainty, and those few who do seem to be either saints or slightly deluded.

but when it comes to addressing my unforgiving and loyal nature, i'm afraid i'm going to have to say that one of you has to go - you clearly can't coexist in my little brain and play nicely. it's just not possible.

so which is it to be? to be loyal makes me a better person than to be unforgiving. but does it make me weak?

what are your contradicting tendencies or habits?