macaroni & "cheese"

my friend kim just came back from america. she put this on my desk at work today and as excited as i was to recieve it, little did i know how much i would NEED it by the end of the day.

this is kraft makaroni & cheese. i pretty much grew up on this stuff, eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner as a child whenever i could get away with it. its horrible, synthetic, radioactive-looking powdered cheese that is pretty much one chemical reaction away from becoming a plastic - and it tasts like it was sent down direct from heaven just for me.

today was a pretty horrible day. the overlaying theme was embarrassment and annoyance in the workplace. it was one of those days where i just should have kept my mouth shut. i don't have a lot of professional confidence, though i think i do a pretty great job of faking it - and today was one of those days that i needed to employ all of my "faking it" skills.

so by the end of the day when i hauled my tired and miserable self home, i needed a pick me up. and what better way than to achieve one than by eating my favourite childhood dinner. i only hope adam forgives me for eating it without him - he's out at an office party - because he loves it just as much as i do.

sometimes it's nice with a dollop of ketchup too.
gross, i know, but desperate times call for desperate measures!