life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass

its about learning to dance in the rain... or something along those lines.

we went on a bit of a mission today to get to the other side of london to do a bit of shopping for my upcoming trip to kenya! i'm so excited, i haven't done much travelling in africa and once my work is out of the way i'm going to take a few days to have a look around. an overnight train will take me to mombassa, safari and the beach! i haven't done much travelling in ages so i'm really looking forward to it.

it really can be a bit of a mission getting around london on the weekend, you end up just hanging out at stations waiting for trains that just never want to show up. impromptu photography sessions, play wrestling matches, and fun conversations are just a few of our favourite train-waitint pass times. 

so, i'm watching mulan right now and is it crazy of me to think that the character shang is just a little bit handsome? i mean, i know he's a cartoon character, but there's just something about him... weird, i know.