i've done it again.

i went and got my hair done. after the fiasco a few months ago where my hair ended up turning bright orange, i just kind of lost all nerves about playing around with it's colour. it's going to have to be all chopped off eventually anyway, maybe next winter, but for now i'm just having fun doing all the things to it that i've always been too nervous to.

so i've ended up with yet another new look. the dip-dyed look, i think it the US they call it obmre. i don't think i'm nearly trendy enough to go for any kind of wild difference in colour, so it's a bit more subtle and a bit more natural looking - or close to natural anyway.

the truth is. i've always secretly wanted to be a blonde, but i know i would just look ridiculous. so this is the closest i will ever get and i think i really sort of love it. maybe one day i will go a bit 
lighter, but for now i'm really happy with the way it turned out - even if i'm a little behind the trend, as usual.

it took two and a half hours to do!