find a part of the city you've never been before, and go there...

so, last saturday when adam had to spend the whole day in the office, we had just finished breakfast - i stood looking out of the window from his office in soho watching some guy practice the saxophone see below and said "but what am i supposed to do all day all on my own?"

and adam said, "go somewhere in london you've never been before and just walk around. and so i did...

i call this one "pigeon snoozing" 

so i did, i walked to regents park. i've been there before but never just to wander around on my own. i took my big camera and just spent time photographing. i don't have photoshop on my computer, yet, so these are pretty much just the real deal.

it concerned me that someone had clearly thought that grated cheese was an
appropriate snack for the birds. i've heard that bread isn't all that good for them
surely dairy isn't either.

i wandered onto a friend's house boat where i also met ashleigh and kim
naturally once i was inside they decided that they needed to put me through my 
hurricane training and rock the boat from side to side by running 
back and forth. 

then they got down to some tribal dancing - these girls are nuts.

pep and florianne on their new houseboat. it's so amazing inside.
maybe next time i'll get some pictures. they also have a cat.

some other houseboats in the neighbourhood. 

this boat had a dog, how amazing would it be to live on
a houseboat with a dog?? apart from the fact that i have no knowledge of sailing or navigation,
it would still be pretty amazing.

i think i definitely completed my mission of seeing a different side of london. i certainly went places i had never been before.