bugsy malone secret cinema at the troxy

last friday night we went out to celebrate my flatmate rachael's 30th birthday. it was epic. i would say one of the best nights of my life.

i'm not really one for going out that often so i'm pretty hard to please. i don't love to drink and i'm usually ready to go by about 10:30. but last friday i could have stayed out all night.

we booked tickets to go and see bugsy malone at the toxy with secret cinema. its a pretty amazing thing actually, a show, a flim, a play, all kinds of things rolled into one where you get to play dress up and dance all night. and they served macaroni and cheese for sobbing out loud!!! i don't think it could have gotten any better than that. and the venue was beautiful, an old building in the east end that had heaps of character.

below is a video from 2009 which gives a good run down of what it was all about, this is the second time they've held this event at the Troxy. and below that are some photos of mine from the night. pardon the rubbish quality, i didn't realise i didn't have a card in my camera until it was too late so it was all up to my little iphone once again. he's a trooper. 

people were in character all night long putting on pretend street fights while we waited in line to get in

this lady just looked amazing

 this was the view as we walked in the side entrance. you had to give a book as you walked in and say you like to read, just like in the movie

rachael, the birthday girl looking so amazing.

bugsy malone himself.

no idea who this was, but there were loads of people there just walking around in character and talking to everyone

 me and adam in costume

after showing the film everyone had a massive whipped cream fight. it was so messy and we all got covered head to toe. thanks to alex, above, and tom, my other flatmate, i got a cream pie in the face and on the head

 adam survived, but barely

some had whipped cream guns or something, it was coming from all directions! 

everyone dancing at the end, like in the movie

 and we just danced until they kicked us out

just so great