waking up to a sunny day

yesterday adam and i woke up to an amazing sunny day - not a cloud in sight - a pretty amazing achievement for the city of london, let me tell you.

we woke up, i did a little bit of study (and by study i mean browsed the topshop website) while adam went to the gym, and then it was smoothies and OUT INTO THE SUNSHINE!!

i don't know how he does it, but adam always finds the most random and interesting things to do in this city. where he learns about them i'll never know, but we ended up going to this marshland nature reserve right next to kings cross station, which is a bit of a dive. so it was a surprise to find something so beautiful in the middle of what is essentially a massive construction site.

flower moustache? anyone? 

but this place was beautiful. all week long we see nothing but city and grey, it was nice to see a bit of green. and we also saw these people on their houseboat steering their way down from camden with their cat... i quite like the idea of a life on the canals with a cat for company, though i'm definitely more of a dog person.

and THEN (it was a very action packed day) we went to nandos which is currently my favourite place to eat. we sat in the window and had piri piri chicken while playing a game of "how many people are going to do a double-take and stare at the girl's cleavage who is sitting on the patio with a low cut top that is quite a bit too small for her".  

and finally it was off to the Guardian newspaper's open day, where ada bought tickets to see michael kiwanuka who is pretty much one of the best people to come out of the the british music scene for the past little while. i did a sneaky recording so that i could share it - his album is great but really there's nothing like a live show.

*sorry for the rubbish quality - my iphone did better than this, its just vimeo...*

and then finally, on the way home, we came across a giant birdcage with a swing in the middle which i thought was just the coolest thing.

did anyone else get up to anything fun this weekend?