smithfield photography scavenger hunt

last night i went on a photography social with some friends from work, with a company called frui. i've never heard of a photography social before, but it seemed like a fun idea so after work we went and sat in the park with a few beers and complained about work before it was time to turn up at the butcher's hook and cleaver pub to get our photo assignment.

bit of a scary name for a pub? absolutely. but smithfield market used to be the section of london where everyone came to collect their meat from the butchers, and i think they still do in some places, though the market itself seems mostly abandoned. apparently there is a river that runs underground near there that is meant to be the most polluted river in london due to people throwing all kinds of gross animal by-products in the sewers over the centuries.

another gross fact for you: smithfield is also where the body snatchers used to sell their grave-robbings to the medical students back around the 1800s. As a medical student back then you were expected to supply your own cadavers, and so arose the grave robbers market, except the rumour goes that not all bodies were dead when they found them... but this is only what i've heard, it all may be rubbish.

so off we go, traipsing around the area to try and take photographs of things like "heavenly light" and "earthquake". it was a lot of fun and we ended up with some really good photos, but what we discovered is that it's really hard to be creative under pressure.

but one of my photos won a 10 out of 10!!! the category it won it was "modern day jesus". I felt a bit like a cheat because everyone else's winning photos were taken on their SLRs which of course were set to manual, not to automatic, while my photo was taken on instagram.

but, it was nice to be a 10, if only for one night.