slow club

last night adam and i went to go and see slow club at the village underground in shoreditch. i've never really been convinced about these guys, but adam absolutely loves them and once again, everything is so much better live and any excuse to go to a gig, so we bought tickets and went along. below is an example of one of slow club's songs that I quite liked when it was played live, and it's a pretty nifty music video:

anyway, we started the night at nando's, as usual, because i can't seem to get enough of their mango and lime chicken. i wonder if there is a nando's anonymous group somewhere i can join.

then we went to a bar in shoreditch where we had a little bit of a disagreement about me taking pictures all the time...

adam sitting there in his wrongness after our argument

 thats slow club there, those two above

also, as it turns out, the gig was in aid of a charity called attitude is everything, we didn't know this until we arrived. the aim of this organisation is to make music more accessible to the deaf and disabled - so throughout the entire night there were two interpreters there, signing away like troopers, it must have been hard hard work.

pretty fab name for a charity if you ask me