A new look

I’ve been having such a difficult time at work lately. Everything is just chaos and I prefer order, that way you can track your progress and at least know if you’re doing the right thing. Urgh, never mind…
So yesterday, I thought, “forget this! i’m going to get my hair cut!” … as you do. I had my haircut not long ago, but I just had WAY too much hair to deal with, and I decided some of it needed to go.
I booked an appointment at some trendy salon in Soho which i’ve never tried before, and it turned out to be pretty great. It’s called Tommyguns. I was in and out in just over and hour, I was given a beer and a head massage, and it was pretty simple - which I like, sitting in a salon for anything beyond an hour and a half does my head in.
And here’s how it turned out. I have my hair parted in the middle, which is a pretty big deal as I have been a strict side-parter for most of my life. And I’m wearing my new lipstick which I picked up at Amsterdam airport the other week. It’s called Orchidée by Coco Rouge.