little bits and pieces...

Today I wore for the first time some really lovely jewellery that I bought last friday at a late night market near where I live. I had been at home on my own for most of the evening when two of my flatmates, Clara and Rachael, came home and said they were going around the corner to Crouch End to have a look.
I tagged along, really not intending to buy anything (i’m trying to save some pennies), but when I saw these earrings and necklace I could just NOT walk away. Which is funny because normally I’m not a jewellery person. I don’t wear rings, I just have a necklace of Picaaso’s peace dove that Adam got me a few years ago for Christmas which I never take off. Beyond that, I don’t wear much else. 
But when I saw these, they had to come home with me. They were made by a lovely lady called Dianne Tanner for her shop called DearOhDear.
All of her stuff is really simple and clean looking, genuinely beautiful - I wouldn’t call them statement pieces, but that is just my style. I think simple is better, jewellery should attract attention to the wearer, not to itself.
p.s. my arm is KILLING me today. Stupid polio/tetanus.