coco love

i am love love loving the sunshine right now. i’m sorry to hear that it may be going away soon, but unfortunately part of living in london is that you need to accept the weather will most of the time be a little bit terrible.

so while it is so good, i am taking advantage of wearing my favourite summer lipstick. i only wear two different lipsticks, mostly because i only OWN two different lipsticks (i mentioned the other one here that i recently purchased in amsterdam), and this one is Rivage by Coco Rouge.

adam bought it for me in the house of fraser sale last spring and i love it as a summer colour.

i only started wearing lipstick last year. i never felt like i was the kind of person who could wear lipstick because it seemed like something for adults, not people like me. but then i was ashamed to realise that it was about time that i started counting myself as an adult, a little bit late at the age of 28, because the truth is that i am one. which means that i am entitled to take on ALL the pleasures of adult life, not just the hassles. i was, am, entitled to feel like a grown up and a respectable person and that it’s ok to see myself as such AND to be seen as such by others.

i don’t know that anyone ever really feels like a fully formed, confident, and respectable person. i think everyone always gets the feeling of “oh my goodness, am i really to be trusted with this job/child/mortgage/house-plant? but am i mature enough? am i ready?”. so in order to combat my personal feelings of maturity-inadequacy, i try to fake it. and putting on lipstick helps me to pretend to feel like the sort of person who wears lipstick, even if i feel like that’s not yet me and maybe never will be.

it would really help if i could remember to do it every day though...