feeling very brave


Today I had my first injections and blood test for over a decade. It was a momentous occasion.
I am so needle phobic that the idea of even having one makes me shiver involuntarily. So I just haven’t had any, not since I can remember really, I think my last one was when I was about 15 or so. And I have travelled without the proper immunisations, but so far I have been very lucky - if a little stupid.
But work won’t allow me to travel without a full health assessment, blood work, and the appropriate vaccinations, so I didn’t really have any choice. I worked myself up to making the phone call to book the appointment for about three weeks, and I asked Adam to take the afternoon off to come with me.
The second I walked into the patient room I started crying, which wasn’t the best start, but I soon got it out of my system with a little help from Adam and Fiona, the really lovely nurse who jabbed me.
I’m quite proud of myself because I faced what actually is my biggest known fear, after all these years, with only a few tears and without being sick or anything!
Above is a picture of me with one of my war wounds, I have three in total, and next to it is a lollipop (I bought it from Amsterdam when I was there a few weeks ago and it’s really good! I wonder where I can get more, or what its even called) I gave myself as a present for being so good and brave.