Absolutely, but here's the problem...

I keep having the same stress dream over and over...

Usually I have crazy dreams, and sometimes they can be a bit traumatising, but usually I can quite enjoy them and see the funny side. But lately over the past few months, and then twice in the past week, I've had the same stress dream.

Adam and I are getting married (dream Adam and Freya only, not real life!) and NOTHING is organised. Either I've forgotten to invite people, buy flowers, organise a reception, get anyone to marry us, or ask anyone to be a bridesmaid, OR i've just made the decision that we're going to get married and then remembered at the last minute that this requires a lot more decision making that just that initial one.

And for some reason, the lack of flowers is always a the point at which I lose it in the realisation that everything is going terribly wrong.

This morning I was a little bit awake and realised I was having the same dream and so I was able to make the decision to wrestle with it to try and make it have a happy ending. But it didn't work. Even more went wrong! My ring was too big, no guests were invited, and the venue didn't know we were coming. Needless to say the dream won and I've woken up with a massive headache.

Marriage is not an issue between Adam and I. Neither one of us is in a hurry to do it, while at the same time neither one of us is concerned that the other has any doubts about being together forever. It's quite a relaxed situation.

So why all the stress!!!!!!??