Your photos are your first impression.

In a sea of so many voices, developing your unique photographic fingerprint is the best way to stand out and make your brand heard.


one - my photography

From shooting on the road as we go to styled sessions, I look for light, movement and what beauty I can find in the moment to tell a story. My work weaves together the realness of documentary photography with an editorial element to bring together the truth with a compelling and natural light. If you are a business or development organisation full of heart and trying to tell the truth of what you do to forge an authentic relationship with your audience - I can helpTo read more about my approach to photography and creative work, click here


two - creative branding consultant

I work with brands, from businesses and charities, to find their photographic voice. I believe it's important not to replicate the same visual style of photos and videos as your competitors and everyone else in your field - because in a sea of so many voices, brand recognition is vital. I work with my clients to produce their own unique photographic fingerprint, helping them stand out from the crowd and ensure visual continuity across web and print. Together we drill down to your core values as a business and find a way to translate that into a photographic style. By the end of a project we will make sure that everything you share, from social media to marketing, looks and feels like you.


three - creative director

Whether you're looking to tell the story of your brand and bring it to life, make a film, build a campaign, or create an inventory of stock film and photography to use for media and marketing - I can help. I work with businesses and not for profits as a creative director, producer, and consultant to curate content, make films, and take photos for campaigns that create value for both the brand and the audience. If you have a vision for a brand or a message that needs to be out in the world, I can help you bring it to life.