Breaking Down My Photographic Style

I am drawn to photographing the good in people, capturing the human elements that connect us all and bind us together. I love bringing people together through my work and taking photos that show we are all connected in some way, we are all the same in how we feel. And even though our life stories differ, we are not so different from each other in what makes us human.

I love to forge connections with my photos in a way that links one heart to another, to a concept or to a story - and ultimately makes a difference.

As a photographer, filmmaker and influencer I thrive on connecting an audience to an idea, on telling the stories that allow people to open their hearts and connect to a cause, a concept, a personal story or a way of life different from their own. We are all searching to identify with each other on some level, after all - for some common ground. 

I began working as a humanitarian and animal welfare photographer because I found an organisation that was struggling to tell its story and without really knowing where to start, I set about changing that. What started out as an impromptu trip to Kenya as a director with a borrowed camera, launched a career as a photographer and filmmaker. It also inspired me to share my travels on Instagram and my blog - which has grown a dedicated audience of thousands.

Now I travel solo as a photographer on assignment, or sometimes in a group, bringing together the best freelancers from across the world to concentrate on a project and breathe life into a campaign with their incredible talents.

But from that very first trip to Kenya, I have been drawn to telling people’s stories - and I haven’t stopped since.

From a not for profit working to create real, sustainable change, to a business with purpose and heart, I take pictures that focus on the dots that bind us all together as people. I search out that thread that connects a viewer to a concept, and I capture it using a style of photography that seeks to elicit empathy, and an connection that lasts.

How All This Can Help You...