More of This Please

As far as weekends go, this past one wins. 

It all started on Friday night where I had the flat to myself for the first time in forever. I lazed around, did face masks, played a game of UNO with Molly (ok maybe that didn't happen), watched movies, it was pure bliss. 

On Saturday Adam announced that he was going to learn to bake bread, so we went to Broadway Market to get some ingredinets. He hunted around for fresh rosemary while I hung out under an umbrella, watching the world go by and drinking hot apple juice.

In the evening we went to Street Feast at Hawker House, and it was my favourite pop-up food market experience so far. We got there early and found a seat in a loft area above Breddos Tacos, we sat there all night eating ribs, burgers, steamed buns and drinking lots and lots of hot apple cider and hot buttered rum. It was smokey but so much fun to just chat and people watch for hours, eating and drinking the whole time.

The next day, we woke up smelling a bit like we had slept in a BBQ pit and we were eager to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Some of us also needed to walk off some of that hot buttered rum, but I won't say who...

We drove to Epping Forest and walked for four hours in the sunshine, stopping off to catch our breath and refuel with a cup of tea. We came home to bowls full of steaming venison stew and hot apple crumble with custard for pudding. Before bed we watched The Untouchables, and if you haven't seen it you really must! It was such a happy film.

More weekends like this please! How was yours? If only Mondays were Fridays, right?