photo of Adam and I in Sangimignano by Ryan, Adam's brother in law

I'm always making lists, they just make dreams seem more possible, don't they? If it's written down, it's going to happen. Instead of a list of things to come however, this list is more a collection of things that currently are - little everyday dreams that already have come true. Inspired by my girl, Tania:

Eating >> homemade bread and homemade chutney. Adam is really into cooking these days and I think it's pretty wonderful. He's a natural! More please.

Drinking >> apple juice - a lot. We bought six containers of apple juice for a party last weekend as we were in charge of the warm winter cocktails, and we only ended up using one of them. So we've got a lot of apple juice to get through over here.

Believing >> that there is so much good in people, and the world. I'm seeing it more every day.

Dreaming of >> cherry blossoms. We are hoping to plan a trip to Japan next year to see the cherry blossoms. Fingers crossed we can make it happen!

Anticipating >> this little blog of mine moving house. If all goes well it should be set up on squarespace by the end of the week, a move I have been anticipating for months now and I'm so looking forward to it.

Wearing >> hoodies and sweatpants. It's too cold for anything else.

Achieving >> wearing more hand cream. I'm the worst for remembering to moisturize but I've been making a real effort lately.

Watching >> The very last ever episode of Poirot. That's it. He's gone for good. We are seriously depressed over here.

Enjoying >> a splash of condensed milk in my coffee in the morning. Have you tried it? It's ever so indulgent.

Hiding >> Chocolate in my desk at work.

Feeling >> sleepy and warm. Unless I'm walking the dog, then I'm just chilly.

Making >> a hat for Adam. We took the bus to the wool shop the other day so he could pick out a yarn for his new winter hat - hopefully I can pull this off (I've never successfully knitted a hat before).

Reading >> The Book Thief. Oh my goodness, have you read it? I'm loving it so far.

Purchasing >> some clothes, but I'm still narrowing down my options. I'm currently loving this dress.

Loving >> how Molly has taken to sitting directly on me when I'm sad or crying. She squishes me into the sofa and just hangs out there until I'm better - it helps.

Planning >>  ways in which to get creative with photography when my access to daylight outside of office hours is limited.

Obsessing over >> buying a new lens for my camera. But why do they have to be so expensive?

Adventuring >> to Budapest! I'm catching a flight on Friday and I can't wait.

Working on >> an exciting giveaway. Oh the anticipation!

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