Chunky Knits and Messy Hair



Last month, when the weather started to cool, I hauled my suitcase full of winter clothes out of storage and set about packing away my summer clothes to replace them with cosy knits, winter dresses and layers upon layers.

Except that there weren't any there... I had a few jumpers, three dresses, and a bunch of boots. Where did all my winter clothes go?! I know it sounds crazy but at some point last spring I must have decided to do a massive purge to get rid of lots of old clothes, and then completely forget about it!

For about a month now I've been recycling the same outfits again and again, which is fine because they're clothes that I love, but eventually I know I'm going to have to get online and buy some new bits and pieces. Especially jeans - I only have one pair that fits properly that doesn't have holes in.

I'm dreaming of neutral colours, masculine lines, chunky knits, wide-brimmed hats, messy hair, natural textures and pops of colour - usually in the form of red or pink lipstick. I would also love a wool blazer and while we're dreaming, a Prada handbag.

I usually turn to asos for affordable fashion, but if you have any online shops that you can't live without, send me a link!