As the Spirits Roam the Neighbourhoods at Night...


It's been a long time since I've done anything for Halloween. Too long! It was my absolute favourite holiday when I was little and I would plan my costume for months and months beforehand.

When I moved to England I quickly realised that Halloween is not celebrated here like it is in Canada. When I was little we went all out with costumes and candy - it was serious business. I loved it. I loved wearing my costume to school. I loved pretending to be spooky for a day, I think I even loved it more than Christmas, and that's saying something!

This year I wanted to bring a little bit of that trick-or-treating magic to my neighborhood. Part of me didn't expect anyone to show up, and Adam suspected we would be eating all the sweets ourselves over the coming weeks. But we were hopeful...

Last night I ran home to put my pumpkins out early so the kids would know that at least one house on our street was getting in the spirit. All was quiet for a bit, and then suddenly Molly was barking at the door and didn't stop for about three hours - we had LOADS of trick-or-treaters. We had some little baby skeletons that could only whisper a small, scared "trick-or-treat". Some big kids who just had a mask and a plastic shopping bag. We even had some kids who made elaborate costume themselves and tried to bargain for how much candy they got (no you cannot trade that refresher for some smarties, but points for effort!).

I invited my friends Eve and Emma over to help me give out the candy and hold Molly back from charging at the kids, trying to make friends. Adam was out for the night so I made


bat blood soup in a


brain bowl for three, and we had a great evening talking about our spooky experiences (like that time Emma saw a ghost!) and laughing the costumes and the cheekiness of the trick-or-treaters.

We ended the night munching on toasted



zombie fingernails, huddled on the sofa watching Hocus Pocus until Adam came home and scared the life out of us by jumping at the window. It was the best Halloween I've had in years and I wish I could do it again tonight and every night!