A Birthday-Engagement Party



when I get excited and nervous I do my

Wallace "cheeeeese" hands



(Every photo was taken by Michelle from My Creative - I am so grateful for her being there and bringing her camera to capture such priceless moments)

I had known for quite a while that Adam was planning a birthday party for me, mostly because he had asked me for a list of invites. But I didn't know that it was also going to be an engagement celebration! I suspected a lot, but I didn't know anything for sure so my imagination was running wild.

But the reality was much better than anything I had dreamed of! I Bought a pretty new dress from asos, had a mini champagne celebration at home with my mum and Adam's parents (who had flown over to celebrate with us!) - and then Adam had me hop into a cab and put on a blindfold.

After driving down a bumpy road, climbing some steps and trying not to fall over, Adam uncovered my eyes and everyone yelled a big "SURPRISE!!!". Adam thanked everyone for coming and then said that he had asked me to marry him and I had said "yes" (the classic Adam double-bluff) - then there was a massive cheer and everyone ran over to hug us. That will go down in my little history as one of the best moments of my life.

My mum and Adam's parents had decorated the place beautifully. Our friend Lauren made the most amazing bunting I have ever ever seen, with pictures of all my favourite things hanging from it: Molly, a horse, a DAVIDsTEA mug, a camera, a tube sign with London Fields on it, a bowl of pho and a picture of Poirot - kind of weird that last one, I know, but I'll explain another time.

We partied at the Redchurch Brewery until the wee hours with all our friends. Blogger friends, uni friends, school friends, work friends, old flat mates, everyone! The brewery is located in a railway arch under the Liverpool Street to London Fields line and the beer they make tastes so good - Adam even bought a keg of beer and named it Freya's Birthday Brew. He also hired a food truck!!!! The amazing Rainbo who make delicious gyoza and donate 20p from every meal they sell towards ending child labor. Amazing!! They gave us a free bottle of sake (my favourite). Oh and they blog. My kind of food van! Adam could not have done better.

And on top of everything else, Adam also arranged skype calls with my best friends in Canada, and one in Korea, as well as my dad, so that I could tell them the amazing news!

The next day we had a family pizza celebration at Sweet Thursday, and the day after we were on a flight to Italy.

I still can't believe it. I really really can't. But I do know how incredibly lucky I am to be so loved by such a wonderful man.