Never Never Land


London is a beautiful temptress of a city. I for one love living here, it just makes you feel so alive. There's something to do every night, you can go to one part of town and feel swanky, another to feel trendy, and another if you want to go full on grungy hipster. 

The food scene is so alive these days with pop-ups on every corner. Art is everywhere with people making their own creations for the world to appreciate - Londoners are a creative bunch and the live-life-to-its-fullest atmosphere is contagious. 

London keeps you young. Forever. It's a kind of never ending party - an amazing, glorious, trap. 

I've been here for four years now and I've loved every second. London has definitely roughed me up a bit and spat me out, but then we became best friends. Sometimes in the winter we fall out again, but then we're all buddy buddy and go out for a stroll and a catch-up over cocktails and a bao bun. 

Over the past four years I have definitely achieved. I've launched a career, made a ton of friends, grew as a person, became much braver and tougher, and been presented with more opportunities than I ever could have dreamed of. It's gone by in a blur, there is no time to pause and think about next steps. Four years have never passed so quickly in my life, and it has been exhilarating but also scary. 

I think if I'm not careful I could live this way forever. One pop-up and cocktail after another. One new trend after another. I could wake up when I'm forty and realise I've been living in a loop. Living a very trendy, but expensive lifestyle where I've had all the fun but have been paused for the past ten years. I will have stopped growing up and started growing sideways until my field of vision covers all of London, but only London (and a bit of trendy Europe). 

Get up, go to work, go out, go out, go out, get up, go to work, go out. And repeat. 

Lady London does her best to suck you in and keep you here. She doesn't want you to grow up, she doesn't want you to change and she certainly doesn't want you to leave. She just wants you to have fun. Forever. And never never grow up.

I've got my eye on you, London, you sneaky thing.