The Wren's Nest

A couple of weeks ago Adam and I were sitting out on the back porch, eating pho when this little bird flew over and started chirping at us loudly. And then another little bird showed up, hopping angrily on the spot, making it very clear that us and our pho were unwelcome. I remembered a friend pointing them out a few months ago and telling me that they were wrens and I was happy to learn that we had them in our garden because I had never seen one before, but here they were, flying around us, practically telling us off!

Adam was the first to suspect that they must have a nest somewhere close by, and sure enough, right inside our back door between the wood and the brick was hidden a tiny little nest full of peeping noises.

Over the next few weeks we protected the nest from the hoards of neighbourhood cats. We haven't spent time on our back porch in ages, preferring to give the birds their privacy. And the on Saturday Adam called me to say that the baby birds were learning to fly! 

We had set up a bucket of water just outside the back door to deter Coco, our upstairs neighbour's cat, from leaping at the birds and I asked Adam to move it just in case one of them landed in it. When he went outside he found one baby bird wedged between the bucket and the door - he gave it a helping hand and it took a moment to get its bearings before flying off into a nearby tree.

That was the last we saw of the wren family. They haven't been back since. Though I did find a chunk of an old baked potato on our window ledge the next day and I like to think the wrens left it for us as a "thank you" and "we'll miss you" present (rather than just our neighbours bbq-ing drunk). I hope they come back next summer.