Who wants to win some tea?

Hello from Canada! I'm having a really lovely holiday, spending a week up on the lake with Adam and his family, doing some shopping in Toronto, and seeing all the friends I miss so much when I'm in London.

I come to Toronto for a visit every year, but this time around Adam and I are here for a friends wedding. We're really excited because they are good friends from the UK and from Toronto, and we share a lot of friends so really it's going to be one big party. 

The Canadian hen do (or bachelorette if you like) was on Saturday night, and you could say I enjoyed myself a bit too much. I don't drink a lot these days, so any kind of overindulgence doesn't sit well with me. I had an appointment to get my nails done with Adam's mum at 10:30am so when I woke up feeling horrendous, I desperately needed help.

I wandered down the street to my local


and straight up said I had a hangover and needed something to fix it, fast. The lovely lady behind the counter, Alessia, didn't even bat an eye lid. She gave me a sympathetic look, made a tea suggestion, got down to the business of making it, and sent me on my way with a "I hope you feel better". Thanks Alessia! It really helped.

I've blogged about how much I love DAVIDsTEA


, and how it makes me so sad that we don't have one in London yet. I really wish I should share with you all how amazing their tea is, whether you like black, green, herbal, or pretty much anything - they probably have it!

I know a lot of you are tea fans (because I really do check out all of your blogs when I can find a link!) and I wish I could send you all some to try. But as I can't I want to give one of you the chance to pick a couple of your favourites and see how great DAVIDsTEA is for yourself.

So, on to the giveaway part. All you have to do is: go to the


website and pick two teas you would like to try. Then pick a third as a back up in case they don't have one of your first two choices in the shop. Post your three choices in a comment below along with your email address so I can contact you if you win. Then I'll pick the winner on Friday.

If you do win, I will send you two 25g bags of tea, some tea bags to make it with, and a DAVIDsTEA travel mug. How does that sound?