Just a Moment - eight

This week's best moments mostly came from this weekend. The weather has been so summery and so beautiful! It really was just the best.

Just relaxing in bed with a cup of tea, the window open, and the sun shining in. Every morning should start this way. Also, another bright idea: every sunny day above 25 degrees should be declared a national holiday in England. They hardly ever happen I don't think it would make that much difference to the economy. Who's with me?

It's iced coffee time of year, my favourite. I would drink about five a day if it wouldn't have me bouncing off the wall.

We were walking along the road, wondering what to do and Adam said "why don't we go and get that lamp shade?" referring to the lamp shade I've been drooling over for the new flat for months. It's finally hanging in the bedroom and it's lovely.

Fifi the horse. Because, I mean look! Also those socks, twelve year old freya would have been all over those.

Peonies in my pocket.

What were the best moments from your week?

Also this week: I was pretty excited when the London Grumbler posted my submission.

And Bloglovin' keeps letting me know that Google Reader will disappear for good any day now, so if you need to make the switch, head on over and follow along here.