Memories of Springtime

I've put together a bit of a photo mash-up today to get me in the mood for Spring, which I know is going to arrive and settle in any day now. Right? Well, until it does I'm burying myself in memories of warmer days past only until the sun comes out just a little bit more.

So here are a few memories from over the years of warmer days past:

Looking through this old house from the front window through the back and into their garden, I spotted this beautiful rose. It was the first Summer that Adam and I started dating. I wasn't yet living in London and he kept taking weekend breaks to the country where I had been staying with my parents for a while while I was trying to get my life together. That was a fun time. Summer was ending but so much in my life was just beginning.

This was a Springtime from a long time ago. I think I was studying for my MA and I had flown to Barcelona for a weekend to visit a boy I dated once who was living there. Apart from the warm weather and the fun I was having doing my course and traveling to Spain, I can't remember much else about this Spring apart from that it was a difficult time and I was making a lot of bad choices and big mistakes. But I still have that dress I'm wearing, and I love it so much! As you can see from the photo below...

This photo was taken last Spring. I remember that it was Spring because my friend Sara Jane was visiting and it was so warm and the first time that year we could go out without a jacket. It was awfully windy though!

This is a Springtime photo from ages and ages ago. I think I was in my last year of university and I had gone over to Bermuda to visit my mum and my grandfather. Whenever I'm at my grandfather's house in Bermuda I spend a lot of time on the dock, staring out over the bay and daydreaming. I have memories of doing this for as long as I have been old enough to be allowed to go down to the dock on my own.

This is another photo from the Summer Adam and I started dating... or maybe the Summer after. I can't really be sure, although it wasn't that long ago. There's a swing at the bottom of my mum's garden which looks out onto fields as far as the eye can see. Adam and I spent hours out there on that swing, chatting and lying on the grass watching the clouds go by. It was all terribly romantic!

And this last photo is from last Spring, pretty much around this time - maybe early May. I can't wait until all the blossoms are out in full force and it's warm enough to walk around pretending to have blossom mustaches.

I'm so looking forward to making some new memories this spring. Looking back always reminds me to create amazing memories with every moment, that way you can look back and think what an amazing time you have been having all along.