Love to Share

Some beautiful pins from Pinterest lately:

{horse - source unknown :: bike :: pear and thyme mimosa :: note - source unknown}

I know some people don't get Pinterest, while others are completely addicted. I'm in the latter group. I find it inspires me, calms me down, and makes me cheerful. Above are just a few of my favorite things from Pinterest lately.

And also some links:

Did you know that the earth sings to us? I didn't. Apparently NASA astronauts discovered radio waves orbiting the earth and they called it the "Chorus", it sounds really amazing. Anyway, some musicians and dancers got together and decided to sing back to the earth. The result is really beautifl, you can watch it here.

Speaking of astronauts, have you been keeping up with Chris Hadfield's adventures? He's been broadcasting from space for a while now and it's so interesting. My favorite video so far is him showing how to make a peanut butter sandwich in zero gravety, have a look.

For about three years now I've opened my email every morning to a ZooBorn alert. Apparently looking at photos of baby animals is proven to help your concentration throughout the day, or so say researchers at Hiroshima University. Whatever the reason, it always makes me happy, and I think this weeks ZooBorns alert was my absolute favorite of all time.

Check it out, you'll see why.

Stephen Fry and wildlife conservation, two of my favorite things mashed together in one short video for a good cause. I love it. And I challenge you not to walk around for the rest of the day saying "dodo?". Watch it here.