A Day Out Not Too Long Ago

I was afraid that I would be too late to post the pictures from this day out we had not too long ago. I mean, it is April and these photos are hardly spring-like. But since mother nature has decided she feels more in the mood for November temperatures than April sunshine, I think I'm still justified in posting pictures of snow...

Not too long ago we had a little road trip out and around near where my mum lives up in the north west of England. It's the prettiest part of the country in my opinion, and the moodiest (see the above picture of me brooding over a cup of tea).

We drove through a little town called Swaledale, saw some doves taking some exercise, and watched as the weather changed from snow flurries to blue skies from one minute to the next.

Such a wonderful day, and such beautiful scenery. But can we please have some warmth around here? I'm getting awfully sick of my winter clothes.