On Blogging


me blogging in my pajamas I think it all started a couple of years ago when I was in a very very  boring job. I could finish all I had to do for the day within one hour of arriving at work, and the rest of the time I could spend staring at my computer/the wall/my shoes. 

One day I came across this article about couple bloggers - and that marked my discovery of the blogging world. I followed link after link, discovering more and more blogs and more and more happy lives being represented through such beautiful pictures.

Admittedly I probably wasn't feeling very fulfilled at the time: boring job, no money, and a lot of insecurity about where my life was going, etc... But I found myself asking, "how do these people have such amazing lives? how do they do it??".

The more I read, the more a couple of things came together in my mind. I realised that of course they were only showing the happy times and interesting things, that it was a choice they were making to only share these things, and in doing so they were making themselves highlight the good aspects of the every day. 

I think that tough times in your twenties can make you a little cynical, and I think I had become a little more than a little cynical. Mostly I was tired of celebrating life's small victories and I just wanted a really big break - but because life rarely gives us what we want the moment we decide we want it, so I decided to make the most of what I had instead. 

And so that's why I started my blog. And still continue to blog as my life has become more interesting and more fulfilling for me. It helps me to celebrate the good things in my life, and in writing about them I get to focus on them and make them seem so much more important than the every-day annoyances. Instead of spending my time thinking about the gross man who kept trying to smell my hair on the tube, I think about what I'm going to blog about, and I immediately start putting a positive or funny spin on things.

The whole process made me think a lot more of myself and my life, it's made me a more cheerful and confident person - all because I've been choosing to see my day-to-day as something worth sharing.

Every life has the chance to be extraordinary, all it takes is making the choice to see it in an extraordinary light. 

I would really love to know why you blog. What made you start? What makes you keep going?