Light and Space - Living Room

chair :: sofa :: rug :: candle :: vase :: lamp shade ::print

Let me just say I am so terrible at interior design. Putting together the above arrangement took me a really long time, and I'm still not convinced that it fits together. But I just love the way it looks anyway, and I love how calm and relaxing it all feels.

The countdown for our moving date is on so we have started coming up with decoration ideas and getting ready to make some new purchases. Much of the above will not end up in our new home - a lot of it is Anthropologie and that means pricey. But a girl can dream, right?

That sofa will definitely be coming home. And so will that candle - because it's my favourite and I like to have them around. We're debating over that lamp shade and I just ordered the print, but the rest is wishful thinking.

I think the hunt for affordable and attractive furniture is going to be a long one.