Light and Space - Kitchen

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tea towel :: food mixer :: measuring cups :: tea cup :: secrets of eclairs :: jerusalem :: kettle

We are moving in less than a week and I could not be more excited. Almost everything is packed and we are just about ready to go. I've secretly been ready to go for weeks, but I've had to slow down a bit because you can only live among boxes for so long.

Above are just a few things I am loving right now for our new kitchen. Like last week's Light and Space post, some of these items are just wishful thinking. I mean, can you even believe how expensive food mixers are?? Also the above does not even come close to covering what I would like to see in my dream kitchen, like an Aga for example...

But our new kitchen is going to be pretty tiny, so I am anticipating some space issues. That's why I'm determined to only by a few things, but have those few things be really pretty.

What would you like to buy for your dream kitchen?