Hot Chocolate at Ladurée

I know that whenever you think 


you think macarons - and rightly so, they're delicious! But oh my goodness, have you tried their hot chocolate? 

I was spending some time at Burlington Arcade the other day and of course you can't be so close to Ladurée without making a stop over for something yummy. I had never had their hot chocolate before, but as a connoisseur of everything hot and chocolaty, I had to try one. I'm happy to say it did not disappoint. Not at all.

Macarons and Ladurée hot chocolate must be the height of indulgence - though maybe you need to add some champagne in there somewhere too.

I'm going to be sharing my own top secret hot chocolate recipe on here soon, and it is pretty good! I love hot chocolate, but I'm always a little bit sad when I can't finish one because it's too rich. I've been making this recipe for years and it is just the right amount of sweet - I can't wait to share it, but it still needs some tweaking to make it blog-ready.