Some of My Favourite Things About This Holiday

I had two whole weeks off this Christmas and it was very much needed. While I spent one week in Jersey with my Dad and his family, and another week in Lancashire with my mum, Adam went home to Canada to spend some time with his family. Neither of us particularly like spending the holidays apart, and I have missed him like crazy, but I think it's really important to take every opportunity to see our families - especially as most of them are in different countries. 

It's been a quiet one, and I took a lot of time to do some quiet things, things that I never take the time to do in my every day life:

Eating breakfast. There's nothing like a quiet, solitary breakfast with only the sound of the wind and the rain along with the occasional seagull, squawking as it makes its way down to the beach.

Long conversations over some home made plumb liquor. My cousin's husband brings it back with him from his parent's house in France - it's very moreish and really quite lethal. 

Hours spent knitting. I'm working on a thick scarf sort of wrap thing, it's coming along really well. 

Endless cups of tea. Like any family with strong British bloodlines, we're big tea drinkers. On average I'm pretty sure my Aunt can go through between eight and ten cups a day. I always get made fun of for only having one third of a teaspoon of sugar in my strong but milky tea. And I learned very early on in life to never accept a cup of tea from my Dad unless I want it light on the milk and heavy on the sugar - which is how he makes it for everyone no matter what they ask for.

I'm back at work today, feeling refreshed and excited about things to come. I always try to bring some of these quiet moments back with me, and incorporate them into my every day life in the city. It never works though, and I can't ever seem to figure out why.